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         NEW RELEASE - Eufeion ft. Deanne & Ellie Angel - Starfire

What better way to make everyone happy than create some NEW HAPPY HARDCORE?
What is New Happy Hardcore? Well its just Happy Hardcore made in the here and now.
Eufeion really captures the vibe we all loved in this track. Featuring the vocals of Deanne and written by Ellie Angel

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         NEW RELEASE - Eufeion & Denile - Foundations

A quality hardcore release from Eufeion and Denile. Big Riffs, lush pads and big strings with a touch of freeform taking you on a musical journey through twists and turns.

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         NEW RELEASE - Eufeion & Konekshon - Disko Flash

Hardcore Rapture Digitals powerhouse hit maker Eufeion teams up with Konekshon to bring you this bouncy party pumper

Hi energy and fast paced throughout this track is guaranteed to bring a smile the dance floor. Followed by a fantastically fervour ant wide eyed stomp fest.

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         NEW RELEASE - Eufeion & Konekshon - Sweet Sensation

'Sweet Sensation' lots of popular vocal rave hooks, hard basslines with a touch of upfront hardcore, freeform, breakbeat and oldskool all in one release it's 'such a good vibration'

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         NEW RELEASE - Eufeion & Konekshon - Your Sound

This is ' Your Sound': Taking you through a musical rave journey with a stabby riff, punchy bassline with a hint of breakbeat, piano and a overall a uplifting hardcore feeling!

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         NEW RELEASE - Eufeion - Crystal Blue

Rolling in with a high fast paced track sure to get you stomping. Noone should be without this track in their CD wallet. Bouncy bass with twisted leads. and an epic breakdown, enough to get any dancefloor rocking!

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